I’ve made up my mind about college.

29 08 2010

After spending countless months searching for a new college (since Virginia Tech obviously isn’t a good fit for me), I think I’ve FINALLY solved the college conundrum. Actually, I’m almost positive in my choice.

I came to this decision (which will be typed toward the end of this) after I realized something about myself: I just don’t like the college enviroment. Period. Not just Tech, but anywhere.  I don’t know why, it’s just something about my personality, I guess.  But after incessant gooogle searches, I’ve come to one conclusion: College life isn’t for everyone.  I even found this list http://blog.gocollege.com/2007/11/23/reasons-why-college-dropouts-exist/ and I match almost everything on that list.  Even the homesick thing which is weird because I was perfectly fine at the Dolphin Research Center, where I lived in a house full of strangers by myself all the way in the Florida Keys.  I could’ve stayed there for months, but the second day in Blacksburg (45 minutes away from home), I felt awful.  Also, for some reason, I feel ridiculously burnt out at Tech. I was burnt out all year last year, and am burnt out now….even though I JUST now finished the first week.

And now, here is my plan.  I hate not making money and feeling like I’m mooching off my parents.  Therefore, if I ABSOLUTELY can’t take it anymore after this semester and am unable to sub-lease, I am going to just work the second semester in Blacksburg. “But Heather, that’s stupid. Why would you do that??”  A) At the rate it’s going,  if it doesn’t improve and I cannot get myself academically motivated, I feel like it will be best for me personally to take a semester off.  No one ever said you have to finish school in four years. B) If I start working, I can save money for classes that I actually care about and will be useful to my career choice (getting SCUBA certified and more advanced DolphinLab classes).

So what happens after that? Well, here is what I’ve decided on. I am going to drop Virginia Tech and transfer to Roanoke College for my remaining two years.  “Why Roanoke? I though you wanted to go to a Florida School?” Indeed, that’s what I thought too. However, like I said earlier.  I have recently learned that I just don’t like the college enviroment…any college enviroment….Tech, FSU, UWF, UVA…whatevah.  If I stay at my house, I will A) avoid what I hate, B) save A LOT of money on housing, C) be able to work and save money for SCUBA, DolphinLab courses, and internships that I’m looking at (most of which are not paid and do not provide housing….and are in Florida), and D) still be able to earn a 4-year degree.  By the way, I didn’t even think of RC until my wonderful father mentioned it.  It’s perfect. Plus, I can still visit VT or UVA on the weekends.

So yeah, love it or hate it. But I’ve come to the conclusion that this is my life, so why waste four years of it being unhappy? Exactly, that’s just silly.  Now I can do what I want and save money for extra classes that appeal/are useful to me and my career choice.